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2022 June News

1. Project Course: Students Showed Amazing Personal Projects on the Demo Day 💥

This batch of Project Course has shown their incredible independent research skills and creativity on the Demo Day. With the instructor’s guidance, students built their first individual projects based on their interested fields and successfully completed them in 2 months. 

After 2 months of hard work, our students from Project Course showcased their final products with our development team on their Demo Day. These amazing projects included an online book store using JavaScript and Python and a mini RPG game using Unity. 

Through this opportunity, they get to learn how to work as a real programmer and be able to self-learn new languages depending on the needs of the project. We are delighted to see what students have achieved in a short time and looking forward to their future works!

2. wcoding Held a Career Talk to Help Foreigners Start a Career in Korea! ðŸš€

Looking for a job in Korea as a foreigner is not an easy task, and wcoding is here to help you with that first step to building a career here!

During the session, our career consultants shared tips for finding non-teaching jobs, improving their visa status, and learning in-demand working skills in Korea. “We have helped more than 300 students to get employed in different industries and countries. We are happy to share our years of experience in personal career building and tech education with the international community here. We hope everyone who joined the event can benefit from this career talk and get one step closer to their career goals!’ said wcoding CEO Kyle Kim.  

3. Dev Bootcamp Batch 16: Mid-Term Project Presentation and Dinner Gathering 🍗🍻

Entering the second month of the bootcamp, students have learned most of the fundamentals of web development and the mid-term project is a good opportunity to evaluate how much the students have learned and progressed. Through the code explanation and Q&A with our development team, students get to understand different approaches to completing a task and solving technical problems.

After the presentation, wcoding had a dinner gathering with the batch. It was a fun time for team bonding and also a small warmup for the upcoming final project!