wcoding is pleased to announce a partnership with JobBridge, which is a global recruitment agency for foreigners in Korea, to host a Global IT Talent Bootcamp to address the skill gap and help college graduates launch their career in IT in Korea. 

wcoding will develop and carry out a 7-week coding bootcamp, while JobBridge will focus on student enrollment and career matching. The Global IT Talent Bootcamp targeted international students who are in CS major and enrolled in Korean universities. 

Students can learn how to build advanced web applications, utilizing a variety of frameworks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. Also, students get to build their portfolios with simulated React based projects. Graduates of the Global IT Talent Bootcamp will earn the skills required for entry-level roles such as front-end developers, full-stack programmers, and other software engineering roles.

The Global IT Talent Bootcamp was attended by international students from USA, France, Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Rwanda, and the batch started on February 8, 2022.  

About JobBridge

JobBridge is a global recruitment agency for foreigners, which bridges overseas workers and Korean companies by adopting fair employment practices, and provides convenient English document verification, immigration status check, and job matching services.  

About wcoding

wcoding is a global higher education institution which provides various programming courses in web development, software engineering, and data science, from full-time to part-time night schedules.  

Both organizations are looking forward to taking this opportunity to help more international tech talents work in the Korean tech industry. If your organization is interested in working with us and making an impact on the community, get in touch with us here.

Learning how to code is not just a trend right now, but also a must-have career skill for many people nowadays. With the goal to make tech a possible career path for those people who want it, but don’t know where to start it, wcoding has partnered up with JobpassKorea, an official employment partner of wcoding, and opened an introductory web dev weekend course in order to bring more tech enthusiasts into Korea.  

JobpassKorea is a professional HR platform that provides services from job preparation, training programs to counseling sessions, and is dedicated to help foreign talents launch their careers in Korea. With more than 18K followers on Instagram, JobpassKorea also owns a strong online community for job seekers and consistently provides tips for those who are looking into starting their careers in Korea!

wcoding Intro to Web Dev is an 8-week weekend and live-streaming course during which students learn the fundamentals of computer science and programming through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in the convenience of studying from their homes. Students will be able to build mini websites through our real-life IT projects and get themselves prepared for deep learning in tech when they complete the program.  

International students from Canada, Turkey, USA, and Uzbekistan registered for the course, and the batch is starting from February 26, 2022. 

Other Options?

wcoding provides various levels of courses from full-time to part-time night courses for students in and outside Korea. That said, online instruction is also available for overseas students. You can find more events and special offers exclusively on the JobpassKorea website. 

The CEO of wcoding, Kyle Kim noted during the interview, “We are always looking forward to opportunities to use our career-driven curriculums to benefit the Korean and Tech communities world wide.” If your organization is interested in working with us and making an impact in the tech industry, please get in touch with us here.

Last year, there were approximately 152 thousand foreign students studying in higher education institutions in South Korea. However, the employment rate of graduates is only 65.1 percent in Korea in 2021. To minimize the gap between the college and the job market, wcoding is collaborating with Bucheon University to launch Career Plus Package, a combination of Korean and programming courses designed for international students to help them gain the essential skills of working in the Korean IT industry.

Bucheon University Korean Language Program is designed to improve international students’ comprehensive conversation skills in Korean language and understand the Korean culture and society. Until 2020, 400+ global students coming from 20+ different countries have joined Bucheon Korean Regular Program. 

wcoding Dev Nightly is a programming course during which students will learn in-demand Fullstack languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. The course will give you proficient skills and knowledge to solve real-life IT problems and help you develop into a full-fledged software developer.

The Career Plus Package is a solution for international students who are preparing to come to Korea to work but don’t know what to learn and how to do. In this package, students get to learn Korean, Fullstack programming, receive full career services and a student visa for 9 months. 

Why Korean?

Your Korean language ability is a key to connect you to 50 million people and bring you new working opportunities in Korea. Although there are many companies that would not mind hiring foreigners who don’t speak Korean, a good Korean skill will not only increase your employment rate but also help you fit in the company quickly and communicate with Korean co-workers with less language barriers. What’s most important, when you apply for a visa, your Korean skills will be a great plus on your application!

Why Fullstack?

Fullstack covers the spectrum of web technologies from creating websites to building applications-critical skills in any company to reach success. Developers are the key in ideation, design creation, and maintenance of the software and platforms that enrich and empower the lives of billions of people around the world today.

In other words, the high demand in the job market has made Fullstack development an excellent career choice for people who are looking for a career change or an upgrade to their careers.

What are my options after the program?

After the program, wcoding will keep providing career support for our alumni, including CV modification, mock interviews, portfolio building, career consultation, and job matching. wcoding also matches our graduates with our employment partners, providing them with a strong local startup and global alumni network, which can be a powerful resource when looking for a job in Korea. 

When finishing the course, graduates can have options such as applying for a job seeking visa (maximum 2 years), find a job and change to a working visa (depending on the hiring company), or extend the student visa and continue their learning in Korean language. Either way, students can expect to receive continued guidance from wcoding and Bucheon University.  

Interested in the Career Plus Package?

If you have plans in changing your career into IT, Korea can be a sweet place to start with! For more information, please check the Career Plus Package Brochure or contact wcoding admissions for 1:1 consultation.

1. Congratulations, Python Intermediate Batch 13!

Congratulations to the fresh grads of the Python Intermediate class! 🎉🎉

The batch has successfully completed both beginner and intermediate courses in Python. Four months ago, they were coding newbies, and now they are able to use Python for different purposes, such as debugging, algorithms, and automation. 🤖 After the class, the batch will work together on a data science project and up-level their skills with more hands-on practices! 🔥

Interested in learning new tech skills in 2022? Learn more about Python Nights!

2. Go Batch 14! Dinner Party with wcoders

Entering the midpoint of the program, the Dev Bootcamp Batch 14 has done a great job of completing the most intensive part of the program… so far!!⠀

Before starting their own group projects, we had a small End of the Year Party with a Korean-style Dinner last Friday night! 🥂🥘

It was a great opportunity to connect with the wcoding community and receive some practical advice from our developers. We look forward to the success of batch 14 and their group project on the upcoming Demo Day! 💻 😉

3. Meet Co-founders of wcoding

In this interview, wcoding co-founders, Kyle Kim and Alex Oh will talk about wcoding bootcamp and answer some frequently asked questions from students.

Curious about wcoding alumni, instructors, and campus life? Learn more about wcoding on the official Youtube channel!

1. Open House was a Big Success!

Thanks to everyone who joined our Open House either in person at our wcoding campus or online! The event was a big success with more than 30 people joining on/offline. We got to meet new friends from all over the world, and we were also glad to connect with more tech enthusiasts through this opportunity.

During the event, our co-founders and instructors gave a thorough introduction of our dev courses, and we invited some of our graduates to talk about their experiences in the bootcamp and share with us how is it like to work as a developer and entrepreneur in the startup ecosystem. After the talks, we had a great networking event, where everyone enjoyed pizza🍕, beer🍻, and most importantly made new friends 🙌!

We hope you all had a great time at wcoding, and got to know more about us! We look forward to seeing you guys next time~😎

2. Find wcoding at 2021 Job Fair for International Students

wcoding just attended the 2021 Job Fair for International Students at SETEC this week! ✨⁣⁣⁣⁣

It was a great opportunity to meet all the participants, especially some of the really talented applicants and potential developers! 🚀⁣⁣⁣⁣

We look forward to joining more events like this, reaching out to more people for coding education, helping students launch their careers into IT, playing a pivotal role in the IT startup ecosystem. 💻🌏⁣⁣

👉 Click to watch the full video from Job Fair!

3. Fullstack Intensive Batch 13 Demo Day

🚩 Demo day provided a great opportunity for students to demonstrate the critical skills they acquired to potential hiring partners and received feedback from experienced developers. 

Last week, with wcoding’s founders, and the development team participating, the 2021 Summer cohort performed their very first group project, ‘Sportify,’ on the Demo Day. Sportify is a web application that allows users to organize sports events easily online. The team explained the technologies that were applied to their projects, the roles each team member played, and they introduced the functions they built from scratch. 🔧

The graduation ceremony was held at the campus after the presentation. We look forward to these new developers’ growth in the future! Keep coding on! 💪

4. Congratulations! Python Nights for Beginners Batch 13

After 8 weeks of effort, we are excited to celebrate the graduation of Python Nights for Beginner Batch 13! Eight brave students have successfully completed the beginner course and are ready to receive bigger challenges in coding. We hope what students have learned can be helpful in their daily life, work, and career!👨‍💻  Well done and congratulations! 👏👏 

Read more 👉 Why Learn Python? 5 Benefits of learning Python For Work!

1. Take a sneak peek at wcoding’s new office! 

If you haven’t had a chance to visit wcoding campus in person, here’s a sneak peek of our brand new office! 

We look at this new location as a new chapter in our awesome journey! Our new office offers larger working space, beautiful classrooms, meeting rooms, and spacious areas for wcoders to learn new skills, and take their first steps in the coding world! It means we’ll have more room for creativity, innovation, and learning!

The new address is 23, Seonyu-ro 49-gil, Suite 1101, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (see us on Google maps).

Find us 1-min walk from subway Seonyudo Station!

2. Guest speakers at SNU BOOT-X CAMP

wcoding co-founders Alex and Kyle were invited as guest speakers in SNU BOOT-X CAMP, held a session about S/W development strategy and globalization for students who are planning to expand their startups internationally.

  • Kyle shared his experiences of running a global startup, and tips in getting funds in the early-stage business. 
  • Alex shared his observation in recent changes and tech trends in the software industry, and also some perspectives in the decision-making process as a senior programmer.  

It was a great opportunity for wcoding to meet these talented startup founders and we look forward to their success in the future!

3. Join Algorithms Study Group!

Worried about coding tests for job applications? Feel like you need a boost getting to the next level of truly being a software engineer? Just want to brush up on your algorithms?

Join CodeSeoul and study with other wcoders on Meetup! The online study group is on every Monday at 8 pm KST. Mark your calendar and see you there! 

4. Happy Graduation to Python Class Batch 12!

Our Python Nights for Intermediates Batch 12 successfully completed their course and received their certificates for the completion of both Beginner & Intermediate levels of Python!

After their 4-month of hard work in learning Python, now they are planning to implement the skills they have learned into a real IT project, and start building their first Python-based web application! 

Congratulations on the graduation and well done wcoding Grads!

4. Happy Graduation Limited Seats for Scholarship – Apply Now!

The wcoding X Women Who Code (WWC) scholarship is opening now! Complete the application and win a ₩1,155,000 scholarship for your next Fullstack Intensive Bootcamp at wcoding!

If you’re ready to reinvent your career in IT, take your first step by filling out a 2-minute application form!

1. NextRise was a success!

On Jun 28 and 29, wcoding had participated in the biggest global startup fair in Asia, NextRise.

We have met tech lovers who are interested in coding education, international accelerators that help boost the Korean startup ecosystem, and global startup founders who are enthusiastic to bring new ideas to the world!

Thanks to all the attendees who have visited us and hope to see you soon at the next event!

2. Farewell SGSC!

wcoding was selected as a member of Seoul Global Startup Center (SGSC) 5th batch in 2020. It has been a fruitful year with SGSC. We built the connection with more than 30 global startups and accelerators, participated more than 10 skill-up programs, attended networking events and demo days, and become one of the representative EduTech startups in Korea. 

This July, we’re graduated! Wcoding will move to a new place soon, and we’re ready for more opportunities and challenges in the future!

3. Congratulations to our Fullstack Intensive Batch 12 Graduates!⁣

After completing the 12 weeks of our fullstack course, graduates have created and launched SUP, a ‘social platform for sports events’ as their final group project. 

We are proud to see our students build a fully functioning application within a short time. Glad to see they have mastered the skills so well and actually use that knowledge to bring ideas into life!

Happy Graduation and Well Done to All Fullstack Explorers!