About Us

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We are an international tech institute in South Korea, comprised of talented professionals with diverse multinational backgrounds. We are all dedicated to training and nurturing today’s beginner programmers on their journey in becoming tomorrow’s world class software developers.



Graduated Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Vesalius College with BA in Business Studies. Taught the TOEFL Programs at Pagoda Academy Gangnam, Hanyang University and Kunkuk University. Wrote and published the English Test Prep book, “The E^Pro Map”. Is a mentor in Korean accelerators such as ‘Korea Grand Startup Challenge.’ Loves watching movies, so he produced a short movie and submitted it to film festivals. They never called back.



Worked for 25+ years in 6 countries as an independent software consultant. First programmed on an Apple in the early 1980s. Enjoys programming, but loves teaching others the joy even more. Passionate about software’s positive contribution to the advancement of society. Also had a boat. Sold the boat. Wants another boat.


Python & Intro to Web Dev Course Instructor

A developer from the vibrant landscapes of Uzbekistan. Journey took off on Upwork, with diverse projects honed skills in Python and web development. Data analyst experience refined abilities to create data-driven applications, blending technical precision with creative problem-solving. Passionate for writing clean, efficient and impactful code.


Intro to Web Dev Course Instructor

Developer made in French Alps. Graduated in computer science and worked for many companies in several domains. Huge Javascript enthusiast willing to transmit this passion, front end like back end. Wanted to become unbeatable at chess and having fun making videos but ended up swapping those two.

We believe creativity and innovation come from all walks of life, so we want to set people on the right path by:

  • Guiding students to find their true potential.
  • Have new experiences and meet different people.
  • Travel the world and work in other countries.

Our team is composed of developers, marketers, designers, and educators that are ready to support your path to growth and success.

Students of multi-nationalities enrich classroom experiences and projects with their diverse experiences and are always ready to share knowledge.