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7 Reasons Why Coding Will Advance Your Career

When you imagine your typical ‘programmer’, it’ll most likely be a tech dude (nerd/geek) that works all day in front of computers. The stereotype about coders has shaped them as antisocial ‘guys’ who probably only work in tech companies looking at their monitors all day. 

However, none of these images could truly reflect IT specialists anymore. Actually, there are lots of people who know how to code who don’t put their job titles as ‘programmer’ or ‘developer’. In a fast-changing and competitive world, even understanding the basics of programming can help you improve your work and benefit your career across different industries.

Here are seven reasons why learning coding will advance your career: 

1. Land a better job

This is definitely one of the biggest motivations for many people to jump into the coding world. The salary potential and career growth gives much attention to coding-related jobs and attracts many people to join a coding bootcamp to pursue a full-time career in web development or software engineering.     

2. More opportunities out there

The increasing demand for tech talents has continued in 2020 by strong industry growth,  more companies are especially looking for online business solutions as a result of the pandemic. The job listings for IT roles will continue to grow in the future.

More and more people have reinvented or changed their careers through coding education. Even last year, in the midst of the pandemic, many Wcoders successfully landed their first jobs in IT. If knowing how to code could open more doors for you, why not give it a try?       

3. Be more flexible in your work 

The current job market is so dynamic that only a few professionals are trained to do only one thing. Instead, most of the new job positions require multiple skills. The knowledge of programming not only shows you are a person who is willing to learn new things, but it also proves your ability to adapt and #overcome obstacles, which definitely helps you stand out from other candidates. 

4. Become more independent at work 

The best thing about learning how to code is that you can be more independent when you meet technical problems! No more delay on your work in waiting for the tech team’s help because now you can read the code and try to solve problems by yourself!

5. Make an impact to others

Try to incorporate what you have learned into your current career! Make yourself a valuable person to your organization and colleagues by writing simple programs or making small projects on apps or webs to increase productivity and even help your company to solve business problems.   

6. Bring your ideas into life 

The coding ability can make your brilliant ideas become reality. You are no longer struggling with finding an expensive developer to make products, because now you can build it on your own! Except for side projects, there are also many entrepreneurs who apply their coding skills to start their own company and realize their business ideas.  

7. Get more control of your life

Looking for a work-life balance? Or try to get more control of your personal schedule? Freelancing with programming projects allows you to work from everywhere around the world, and work whenever you want!

A lot of people think that the benefits about programming are limited in increasing technological knowledge, and gaining computer skills, but the truth is that you can definitely get more than that! It’s a life-changing experience and it always gets no harm in trying to learn new things. 

Ready to give programming a shot? start your first step at wcoding?