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Why Learn Python? 5 Benefits of learning Python For Work

Python is one of the top and widely used programming languages nowadays. Many world-class software companies and big tech heads use Python in production, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify. Its high readability and user-friendly syntax have made it an excellent choice for beginners and also a stepping stone for entering other programming languages! 

So, why learn Python? Here are five reasons that Python can become a good tool in work, even if you’re not becoming a full-time developer right away.

1.Problem-solving with Code

Python is a powerful programming language that you can use to code, test, and debug a program. However, it’s also useful in solving complicated problems in real life. You can build programs using Python to find out the best solution. Next time, when you’re debating a topic with others, you can actually use a scientific model to simulate the situation and predict the answer! The understanding of calculus-related concepts can train your logical thinking and solve any problems like computer scientists.  

2.Collaborate with Your IT Team

Nowadays, in many companies, the IT team plays an essential role in creating core technologies and designing key products for business. The tech guys are literally the ones who make your business idea come true. Even if you’re not the one who writes the code, learning fundamental concepts of Python and understanding the logic behind the codes can help you have a more productive conversation with your IT team. You will know what is possible to achieve when building a new product, elaborate ideas using code, and can collaborate with programmers on IT projects as a product manager. 

3.Work Efficiently 

With Python, you can automate all the boring, daily, and tedious tasks and work smartly in the office. For example, you can use Python modules to organize computer files, send emails to multiple recipients based on different categories or get contact data from websites in few lines of code. Some software has been developed to help you complete those tasks, but most of them are either paid services or do not match our needs. Python is a free open source. You will no longer pay any monthly fee for services while you can actually create your own!

Although Python cannot replace the actual work, it can definitely speed up your workflow and help you work efficiently!

4.Widely Used in Different Industries

It’s well-known that Python is an essential skill in web development, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and gaming. However, Python is not only for developers, and it is also important for other professionals and industries to learn the skill. Here are the top 10 industries using Python; from finance, healthcare, consulting, to marketing, Python can help you create professional data visualization, make strategies based on statistical models, and provide solutions to many kinds of business problems. It’s for sure that Python-based technologies are becoming an essential skill across industries. 

5.Build Your Own Future Technologies 

Have you ever got some cool ideas in your head? Well, Python is the programming language that can make your thought come true! You can develop software, web applications, build chatbots, control robots, and even make games with Python! Moreover, Python supports various frameworks and libraries that allow you to build different kinds of applications. For example, Django and Flask are useful Python Web frameworks that are popular for building web applications. Arcade and PyGame are Python libraries that help create video games. 

Now you’ve learned the benefits of Python, and how it can improve your work efficiency. Python might just be a programming language, but it can also be a life-long skill that can change your life for the better.    

You can learn Python from books, online tutorials, or join a bootcamp. At a bootcamp, you can learn fundamentals from experienced developers and get immediate help when you struggle with a coding problem. 

Still don’t know where to start? Check out Wcoding Python Nights for Beginners Course. You can learn Python basics in 8 weeks without quitting your day jobs. The course offers hands-on Python practices and will prepare you for skills that can upgrade your career!