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5 Benefits of Learning Programming in Korea

One of the questions that have been frequently asked is ‘Why Should I take an English coding bootcamp in Seoul Korea?’ Well, here are 5 benefits of learning programming in Korea!

1) Learn to code in a leading tech hub in Asia

Korea has been striving to build itself as a global leader in the tech industry since the 1960s. Nowadays, you can see many tech products made in Korea, and lots of internationally well-known tech companies such as Samsung, LG, SK, Hyundai, Naver, and Kakao, which are only some of the many world-leading IT companies from Korea.

The highly developed tech industry of course brings a high demand for developers. IT specialists and tech talents are always in need in almost every industry, so it’s definitely a good place for people who are eager to look for a new opportunity and challenge in IT!

2) Get to experience K-culture and K-food

Who’s not a fan of Korean food and Korean culture? Soju, kimchi, grilled pork belly (삼겹살), fish cake (어묵) and there are much more delicious Korean cuisines that are waiting for you to explore!

You can also experience Korean culture by visiting traditional royal palaces, joining a temple stay, or going to k-pop concerts and events! The best thing is that you can learn competitive and international coding skills while enjoying all those activities in Korea!

3) Travel in an International & tourist-friendly country

Seoul and Busan have both been selected as international tourism cities in Korea. The convenient subway system, easy-to-access tourist attractions, clean and cheap accommodations, and free resources for tourists have made Korea a very popular travel destination in Asia.

4) Save Tuition

One of the biggest advantages to joining an English coding bootcamp in Korea is that the tuition is much more economical than the bootcamps in the US. The average tuition is around 7,000-7,500 USD for a 9-12 week bootcamp in Korea, but the same program can cost students up to 15,000-16,000 USD in the US.

Plus, the living expense in Korea is 1.5-2X lower than in the States. So, why not explore Korea while learning new skills in affordable bootcamps with the same up-to-date contents and standards as the ones back home?

5) Connect with a vibrant startup ecosystem

Korea has one of the most active startup scenes in the world. To attract more foreign talents to Korea, the Korean government has been and is establishing a lot of startup incubation centers or government funded startup programs to help forigen entrepreneurs kick-start their business in Korea. For example, Seoul Startup Hub, Seoul Global Startup Center and K-Startup Grand Challenge are some of the famous accelerators that are purely focused to help foreign startups in Korea. Also, there is the Pangyo Techno Valley, which is a tech hub for more than 1,000 IT companies, promising SMEs and startups. It is growing fast and aims to become the Korean Silicon Valley.

As the fourth-largest economy and one of the leading tech hubs in Asia, Korea has already attracted lots of international professionals to come and develop their careers in its ecosystem. With all the resources and benefits, it can definitely become a sweet place for you, if you are willing to give it a try!