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2022 January-March News

1. Congratulations,ย Dev Bootcamp Batch 14!

Congratulations to our latest graduates from the Dev Bootcamp Batch 14! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

The batch has successfully completed an intensive class in Fullstack. On their Demo Day, they presented their very first but nevertheless very impressive group project ‘Hamburger’s Portal.’ It is an educational management tool/communication platform where students can easily browse courses and teachers can upload assignments. Hamburger’s Portal supports log-in, password reset, admin view, file upload, and student list functions. 

These coding newbies have successfully turned into junior developers only in 12 weeks. We are proud to see their tremendous growth and get themselves ready for the job market. We also look forward to their new careers in IT soon!

2. Prepare for Programmer Interviews Alone?ย Join Our Algorithms Study Group! ย 

Join wcoding alumni and other 2,457 developers and programming learners on CodeSeoul, wcoding’s sister NGO & international community for coders in Seoul, Korea. We provide open classes, networking events, and offline/online seminars for people who are willing to take coding challenges with us and uplevel their tech skills.

This month, we are doing the Algorithms Study Group every Monday at 8 PM. If you’re preparing for your technical interviews or about to apply for a development position, here is the learning opportunity for you!

Learn more about CodeSeoul on Meetup!

3. Happy Graduation to Python Beginner & Project Course Batch 14!

Congratulations to our latest graduates from the Python Beginner batch 14 & Project Course! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

We are pleased to have 2 great batches of Python students who graduated from wcoding before the Korean New Year holiday! The beginner class batch 14 has successfully completed 2 months of the night courses in Python and received the certificates from our co-founders. Also, three of our proud Python graduates have made up a team and built an Instagram-like platform using PythonMongoDB, and Javascript. On their Demo Day, they introduced the features such as creating user profiles and publishing posts.

It’s glad to see their effort and outcome on the Demo Day, and we look forward to their next project soon!