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Built By Wcoding Students: Final Projects from the Demo Day

Have you ever wondered how far one can come as a developer in a few months of intensive study and practice? In this article, we will introduce you to some of our student works from previous Demo Days.

Demo Day is a day at the end of the fullstack web development bootcamp for the students to present their final group project to our senior developers and business team. It is also a great opportunity to apply tech knowledge in a real-life project and learn how programmers work as a team in the development field. 

The projects—built in the final 2 weeks of the entire course—ranged from apps aimed at solving community problems, social platforms to facilitate better communication within and between people, educational tools, as well as a surprisingly addictive game. While the projects each tackled very different objectives, all displayed a tremendous amount of both creativity and technical skill. Below, we feature seven highlights—check them out!

🐾 Pet Venture by Dev Bootcamp batch 11

Pet Venture is a social media platform to build a pet-friendly community and connect people together through pet meetups. 

Main features include:

-Users can build profiles for their pets, rate peers and their pets, or leave comments for the event

-Users can host a pet walk on the platform, and create their own custom walking route to share with fellow users. They can easily pin multiple places and stop-off points based on their current location.

-Web AR (Augmented Reality on the Web)! When users locate a unique QR code, they will be able to collect a free reward and see cute animations!

(Github Link)

🏫 School Portal by Dev Bootcamp batch 14

The school portal is a management tool for both teachers to manage classes and students to enrich learning experiences.  

Main features include:

-Teachers can create posts in their assigned courses with links to external files and set assignment due dates, as well as upload a profile image. 

-Students can enroll in different courses from the course list, check the latest class announcements, download course materials and upload homeworks.

-Admins can make courses, assign teachers and students, as well as create the user accounts themselves. 

(Github Link)

📸 Prophoto by Dev Bootcamp batch 15

ProPhoto is a platform for photographers to share their works and for everyone to download or buy high-quality photos online. 

Main features include:

-An online transaction system where users can buy virtual coins via credit cards or bank transfers 

-A profile page where artists can upload their photographs and set values for their works, and users can download purchased artworks or re-charge their coins. 

-A search bar where users can easily find artworks by keywords

-An optional sign in method with Google accounts

(Github Link)

🛏️ RoomEZ by Dev Bootcamp batch 16

RoomEZ is a short-term housing rental service platform for users to share and book their rooms online. Users can use filters in location, price, and room type to search for a suitable space and will be able to see the places on the kakao map.

(Github Link)

✍️ Dear Diary by Dev Bootcamp batch 17

Dear Diary is a journaling application for users to record their daily life online. Users can easily keep track of their emotions, activities, events, and ideas on this safe and private digital place. 

Main features include:
-A timeline of the journals, where users can see all the notes by time order

-An optional sign in method with Google and Kakao accounts 

-A map of users’ visited places, a calendar of events, and an album to manage uploaded photos.

(Github Link)

🕹️ <div>’ Mon by Dev Bootcamp batch 18

<div>’ Mon is a trading card game where the player starts with a shuffled deck and on their turn, draws and plays cards to attack the opponent (computer) and reduce its health points to zero before the computer can do the same to the player. The player can also choose to increase the game’s difficulty level, and log in as an admin to manage the player information.

🛣️ On My Way by Dev Nightly 

On My Way is an entertainment and location-based app that encourages people to walk out to explore nature and landmarks. The users can choose different fun challenges in various locations to receive rewards. 

The main features include: 

-A location-checking system to see whether the user is on the same location as the challenge

-A leaderboard to see top players’ points 

-A management page where admins can edit users, challenges, and locations.

-An optional sign in method with Google accounts.

(Github Link)