[2020 Jan 6th] Full-stack Foreigner Package (3 months)

Let’s learn to code in English in Korea, Seoul!

You can become an entry-level software programmer with 3 months of education and training. Learn the skills that can make your ideas a reality!

We also provide an accommodation arrangement service, Korean language courses, and cultural events for you to ensure your best experience in Korea!

And, we selectively provide internship opportunities so that you can successfully take your first step as a professional programmer!

Starts Jan 6th | 12 week course
– Mon~Fri 10:00am ~ 4:00pm (total 60 classes)

▶︎We provide you: (* is optional)

1. Full-stack Intense Course

2. Korean course*

3. Cultural events*

4. Accommodation arrangement*

5. Airport pick-up service*

Online Course Registration
{w}coding curriculum

Price List

※ Registration before 2019/ 12/ 6 deserves 100% discount of the registration fee!

All price in USD

Coding courses are core courses; Korean courses, culture events, Housing, and other services are optional, you can decide the combination you want!

The Korean language course is an optional elective that focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our 3-month language course covers an entire TOPIK level (Lv.1~Lv.6).

Cultural events will be held every week, an additional fee may apply. The detailed content is listed below, the fees can be paid on-site when you are in Korea, students can choose which events to attend then. (Cultural events fee can be paid on-site)

Tuition of coding courses, Tuition of Korean language courses & Korean book fees (If Choosing Korean courses), Airport pick-up service (If choosing it), One-time accommodation placement fee & First-month accommodation rent & One-time cleaning fee (If choosing housing), and International transfer fee (If overseas remittance)
➡️Should be paid during the registration period. 

Our courses last for 86 days in total (1/6 – 3/31), and the Korean travel VISA period is only 90 days in total. We strongly suggest students come to Korea around 1/4 – 1/5, and students should calculate and arrange the period staying in Korea no more than 90 days. However, there is the other option of taking a quick trip to a close-by country (i.g. Japan, Taiwan, China, and South-east Asia countries) before the 90 days and renewing your tourist visa.

Refund Policy: W Coding Inc. is an officially enlisted education center recognized by the Korean Department of Education. Refund regulations are as follows: 100% refund before course starts. 75% of tuition refund before the end of the first week of class, and tuition is non-refundable once the second week of the course has commenced. (Applying to coding courses and Korean courses)

Korean language course only open when more than 3 students, if the enrollment of Korean language course is not more than 3, the Korean course will be canceled, and we will give you 100% refund when you are in Korea.

Full-stack Intense Course

🔎 Click the link for detail 👉🏻Full-stack Intense Course

Youll learn (Coding course is in English-track)
– HTML, CSS, the two basics of any Web Programming.
– The basics of JavaScript (Frontend) and PHP (Backend).
– HTML, CSS, the two basics of any Web Programming.- The basics of JavaScript (Frontend) and PHP (Backend).

What: Full-stack Intense Course (3-month course, total 60 classes)
When: Starts from January 6, 2020 ~ March 31, 2020 (Mon.- Fri. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
Where: 5F, 563-21, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Won building)

📍Naver maps
📍Google maps

🕑A day in the Intensive Class (Mon.- Fri. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
10:00 ~ 12:45 Coding Session 1
12:45 ~ 13:45 Lunch Break
13:45 ~ 16:00 Coding Session 2

📕Coding Course Level Chart

Korean Language Courses

✔️The Korean language courses focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
✔️Our 3-month language course covers one TOPIK level
👉🏻Introduction of TOPIK
✔️We provide you with 6 levels, you can choose to study one level during your stay here
✔️The textbook material would be  Sogang University Korean Book (2 books per level).
✔️Starts from January 8 (Wed); 1 level for 3-month (12 weeks)

What: Korean Language Courses (3-month course, total 12 classes)
When: Starts from January 8, 2020 ~ March 31, 2020 (Wed. 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM)
Where: Wcoding (Gangnam, Seoul)

🕑A day in the Korean Class (Wed. 19:15 – 21:15)
19:15 ~ 20:15  First Class
20:15 ~ 20:25 Break Time
20:25~ 21:15 Second Class

📕Korean Language Course Level Chart

📖Korean Text Books (Sogang Univ. Lv1~Lv.6, 1 level 2 books A&B)

👉🏻Sogang University Korean Textbook Detailed Description


✔️Mini studio with private bathroom, public kitchen
✔️The price might be different based on different types and size of the room
✔️Price range 430 USD ~ 640 USD per month

1️⃣Choice A

✔️Price: 550 USD – 650 USD per month (depending on the room size)
✔️5-min walk to {w}coding

Private Room:

※WIFI, Shelves, Washing Machine, Closet, Bed (Quilt, Pillow, Bed Sheet), Desk, Fridge, TV, AC, Heating System are included, without additional charge

There are some rooms with/ without outside facing windows, tell us your request during the registration period, and we will arrange you to the room based on your preference

※Hair Dryer is not included (We suggest you buy it in Korea because the electric tension is 220V in Korea)

Public Space:

※Public Kitchen, Public Clothes Dryer, Free Rice & Some Dishes are included

2️⃣Choice B

✔️Price: 430 USD per month
✔️15-min walk to {w}coding

Private Room:

※WIFI, Shelves, Closet, Bed (Quilt, Pillow, Bed Sheet), Desk, Fridge, TV, AC, Heating System are included, without additional charge

There are some rooms with/ without outside facing windows, tell us your request during the registration period, and we will arrange you to the room based on your preference

※Hair Dryer is not included (We suggest you buy it in Korea because the electric tension is 220V in Korea)

Public Space:

※Public Kitchen, Public Washing Machine, Public Clothes Dryer, Free Rice & Some Dishes are included

Cultural Events

👉🏻 Cultural Events Detailed Info

1️⃣Day Tour from Seoul: Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of Morning Calm


✔️Stroll through Nami Island’s picturesque landscapes and tree-lined pathways
✔️Transport yourself to Europe at Petite France, a French cultural village
✔️Witness The Garden of Morning Calm illuminated at night during the winter Lighting Festival
✔️Take advantage of convenient round-trip transportation from Seoul

🔥What You Can Expect

Experience the charm of rural South Korea on this day tour from Seoul.
Take a scenic ferry ride to idyllic Nami Island and revel in its romantic atmosphere. Stroll through sequoia tree-lined pathways and take in the island’s year-round beauty. Admire the fiery fall foliage in autumn and the pleasant pinks of spring. Enjoy the snowy white landscapes in winter, and soak up the evergreen summer atmosphere.

Step into a fairy tale wonderland at Petite France. Walk through cobbled roads pastel cottages, and European-style buildings. Stop and admire eclectic art installations dedicated to “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Complete your trip at The Garden of Morning Calm. Catch the annual winter Lighting Festival, and witness over 30,000 colorful lights illuminate the garden. Marvel as dazzling lights adorn the trees, pathways, and flowers.

Escape the bustle of Seoul and unwind in the countryside with this day tour.

2️⃣Day Tour from Seoul: Daecheon Beach Sky Bike and Ansan Starlight Village


✔️Ride Korea’s exclusive Daecheon Beach Sky Bike along the Pacific Ocean
✔️Savor calming ocean views with a cup of coffee at the Sea View cafe
✔️Indulge in an all-you-can-eat dumpling hotpot buffet for dinner
✔️Stroll through the romantic light festival of Ansan Starlight Village

🔥What You Can Expect

Ride along the coastline and enjoy amazing panoramic views of Daecheon Beach on your electric Sky Bike. Feel elated while biking 3 meters above ground, and relax as your bike automatically moves uphill.

Take a break at the Sea View Cafe, where you’re surrounded by elegant, transparent glass, and trendy interior designs. Delight in vast ocean waves while sipping on tasty drinks in the afternoon. Before heading to the final destination, savor a delicious all you can eat meal of beef and dumpling hot pot.

Immerse yourself in brilliant bursts of color and art at the Ansan Starlight Village Lights Festival. End the night at the Starlight Tunnel and White Lovers Road. Unleash your inner romantic with this inspiring day tour.

3️⃣One Mount Water Park/Snow ParkAqua PlanetOutlet one-day tour


✔️Experience the best of both seasons at One Mount Water Park and Snow Park
✔️Learn about the variety of interesting marine habitats at Aqua Planet
✔️Go on a shopping spree and enjoy discounts at Premium Outlet

🔥What you can expect

✔️One Mount Water Park One mount water park is one of the popular water park in Korea! It’s famous for all-day indoor theme park and its newly established outdoor facilities and SPA! With bigger scale, it attracted “Running man” to take a shooting there.

✔️One Mount Snow Park One mount snow park is the first ever winter indoor theme park in Korea. You can enjoy multi snow experiences here such as all kinds of sleds and skating in this Northern Europe style park. Aside from the exciting activities, there are also romantic spots such as Ice road, snowing snow hills for you to enjoy!

✔️Ilsan Aqua Planet Ilsan Aqua Planet is the biggest and newest aquarium in Korea. It equips with not only aquarium but also zoo to amaze all tourists. It became the most favorite aquarium in Korea right after its open in 2014.

✔️Premium outlet Being the first outlet in Korea, Premium outlet provides more than 140 international famous brand for you and sells with 35 – 75% off for whole year. With famous brand like Nike, Longchamp and Coach, you can never miss the chance to go shopping!

4️⃣Everland Korea Theme Park


✔️Meet amazing animals at Zootopia! Get up close with penguins, lions, giraffes, and tigers
✔️Ride the T Express, the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster
✔️Watch shows and musicals like the Panda Musical or the Happy Halloween Party Parade

🔥What You Can Expect 

Explore Zootopia and meet pandas at Panda World or tigers at the Tiger House. Join a safari tour at Lost World or encounter orangutans at Friendly Monkey Valley.

Head on over to Plantopia for a floral adventure. Pass by the Romantic Tower Tree and gaze in awe at this 26-meter supersized flower sculpture decorated with tulips, roses, and LED lights. Walk under multi-colored umbrellas and take pictures around Aesop’s Umbrella Alley.

Enjoy fun rides all around the theme park. Run from zombies at the Horror T Express, or simply slide down the world’s steepest roller coaster at the T Express. Have a good scare at Horror Maze or fly through the air at the Flying Elephant.

Have a blast at Everland Theme Park today.

5️⃣Seoul Lotte WorldLotte World Aquarium


✔️Visit Lotte World and explore its vast recreational complex for a perfect day trip
✔️Hop onto thrilling rides in Lotte World Magic Land or enjoy indoor attractions at Lotte World Adventure
✔️Get up close with over 650 marine species in Lotte aquarium

🔥What You Can Expect

Embark on a day tour to Lotte World, South Korea’s top theme park right in the heart of Seoul.

Explore its outdoor amusement park, Magic Island, and enjoy exhilarating rides on the Comet Express and Atlantis. Head indoors to Lotte World Adventure for shows, parades, and a wide selection of cuisines. Go on a shopping spree at Lotte World Mall, or learn about Korean history at the Folk Museum.

Continue to Lotte World Aquarium, the largest indoor aquarium in South Korea which houses 650 different species of marine life. Spot your favorite sea creature at the underwater tunnel.

6️⃣Seoul 4D Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze

✔️Enter Korea’s world of optical illusions and 3D paintings
✔️Test both your mind and body power in Dynamic Maze
✔️Touch, feel, and take photos of Trick Art pieces

🔥What You Can Expect

Head to Insadong, Seoul and enter Alive Museum’s main branch. Interact with over 100 works of Trick Art, including paintings, sculptures, and installations. Direct hilarious photoshoots with amazing optical illusions.

Try out Dynamic Maze, Alive Museum’s newest indoor attraction. Solve clues, decode puzzles, and crawl through obstacles. Conquer challenges for all skill levels with your group to find your way out. Experience a cross-dimensional adventure today!

Start of the New Journey!
1. Finding Haetae
2. Haetae’s Forest
3. Mysterious Gate
4. Escape from Mirror Maze!
5. Mysterious Ball
6. A Risky Gate of Memory
7. Hill of Choice
8. Downhill of Fury
9. Haetae’s Roar
10. Haetae’s River
11. Rocking Bridge of Struggle
12. Haetae’s Marble
13. Milky Way with Tension
14. Road with Darkness
15. Fierce Fighting Hunting Area
16. Collapse of Temple
17. Encounter with Haetae

7️⃣Seoul COEX Aquarium


✔️Meet exotic sea creatures like sharks and penguins as well as many others
✔️Explore South Korea’s largest aquarium, with 14 unique subaquatic habitats
✔️Appreciate local culture by trying on Korean traditional outfit hanbok

🔥What You Can Expect 

Discover a whole new world at South Korea’s largest aquarium, the COEX Aquarium.

See over 40,000 sea creatures as you travel through 16 themed exhibitions. See jellyfish at the Rainbow Lounge, manta rays at Mangrove & Beach, as well as indigenous fish at the Story of Korean Fish. Transport yourself to the ocean floor as you hop on a moving walkway at the Undersea Tunnel. Learn more about penguins at Penguin’s Playground.

Enjoy special shows and interactive exhibitions. Get to see our keepers interact with seals, manatees, sharks, and penguins in an Ecosystem Explanation Program. Catch a special Mermaid Performance at the Deep Blue Square!

Have an underwater adventure only at COEX Aquarium.

8️⃣N Seoul Tower


✔️Ascend the ‘Symbol of Seoul’ and see what’s happening from a bird’s eye view while learning more about the city’s history with an interesting audio guide
✔️Surprise the love of your life, take him or her by the hand and climb the Namsan Tower to seal your love with a lover’s padlock at a height of over 400 meters

🔥What You Can Expect

Like a queen sitting on her throne, Seoul’s N Tower rises from the green hilltops of Namsan Park and watches elegantly over the city. This almost 500-meter tall landmark is known as the ‘Symbol of Seoul’ and is an extremely popular destination for visitors who want to wander around in Korea’s vibrant capital. Escape the daily rush for a little while and make your way to the observatory deck to discover Seoul’s beauty from a bird’s perspective. By day, look for the horizon and watch how the cars and people cruise around like ants in an anthill. At night gaze upon a moving painting of black and shiny yellow, see the city lights mingle with the stars. If you’re wandering around Seoul as a couple, visiting the N Tower will allow you to seal your true love with a love lock at a height of 480 m!

9️⃣Hanbok Experience in Seoul (Korean Tradition Clothes)


✔️Have a blast capturing photos of Seoul while wearing traditional Korean garb
✔️Dress up like an ancient Korean noble in front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace and other iconic Korean landmarks
✔️Join in on the fun with hanbok selections available in men’s and children’s sizes

🔥 What You Can Expect

Strike a pose in a hanbok while exploring the magnificent sights of Seoul. Choose the size and style that fits you best with an endless amount of hanbok choices. It is sure to be a favorable experience with friendly, English-speaking staff.

Re-enact your favorite K-drama scenes at Seoul’s iconic landmarks. Walk along the awe-inspiring pavilions of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Take photos of the secret gardens and gates of Changdeokgung Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Immerse yourself in Korean culture as you explore Seoul in a hanbok!

🔟NANTA Show in Seoul


✔️Delight in Korea’s culinary customs in this 90-minute slapstick comedy
✔️Watch as the chefs play with pots and pans to produce Korean folk music
✔️Laugh along to the country’s #1 non-verbal show

🔥What You Can Expect

Head on over to Myeongdong Nanta Theater or Hongdae Nanta and catch the award-winning NANTA show. Experience a crazy slapstick play miming the story of cooks as they prepare for a wedding.

Gaze in awe as they balance plates and make melodies out of kitchen tools. Watch as they juggle knives and play with fire! Hear the traditional samul nori, a kind of Korean percussion music infused into the show.

*️⃣Korean Folk Village Tickets


Welcome to the Joseon era! Come to the Korean Folk Village in the suburbs of Seoul. You will experience the scenes of life in the Joseon era, experience local folk activities, traditional Korean cuisine, wear costumes in folk villages, and enjoy traditional art performances such as rope performances.

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