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[Oct 1st] Frontend Web Dev Nights – Lv.1 (Beginner)

This is a recommended course especially for first time programmers. Whether you want to introduce your product online, or sell the website as a product itself, this is the course where everything starts! Also a suitable course for people who are seeking career change, but still employed elsewhere, or can’t make the time in the afternoons. Or if you’re simply trying to learn something interesting, you are on the right page!

Starts Oct 1st | 8 week Course
– Mon/Wed  7.30~10pm (Total 16 Classes)
₩800,000  ₩720,000 (First 3 Students)
– For English Inquiries: 02-501-6064
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– wcoding_수업 커리큘럼 (Cirriculum)

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[Sept 3] Web Dev Intensive Course – Lv.1 Beginner Level

Do you want to seek a career as a software programmer? You can become a entry-level software programmer with 6 months of education and training. Learn the skills that can realize your ideas. We also selectively provide internship opportunities so that you can successfully take your first step as a professional programmer! Our Web Dev Intensive Course deals with both frontend and backend programming, allowing you to find out for yourself: your talents and potentials in the field of programming.

Starts Sept 3rd | 4 week course
– Mon~Fri 1pm ~ 6pm (total 20 classes)

Tuition Fee; ₩1,200,000 (100 hours / month)
– Register 2 months or more: ₩100k off / month
– First 3 Students: additional ₩100k off / month

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wcoding_수업 커리큘럼 (Cirriculum)

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[Sep 27th] Backend Web Dev Nights – Python Lv.1 (Beginner)

If you’re interested in such fields as Big Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, you are on the right page. Backend Development may not be as visual as frontend development, and may require a bit more math and statistical talent, but nevertheless is a sweet place to be as a programmer.

Starts Sep 27th | 8 week Course
– Tue/Thu 7.30~10pm (Total 16 Classes)
₩800,000 ₩720,000 (First 3 students)
– For English Inquiries: 02-501-6064
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[Recruiting] Group Project Class

Our Group Project Class is the perfect class for beginner to intermediate level programmers who want to advance their career by challenging themselves with diverse real life IT projects. Each student will be assigned into a group where they will discuss, debate, and solve various problems they encounter in a group project. At the end of the course, students will introduce the topic and present their result at a Demo Day.

2~3 times per Week  (depending on project)

Tuition Fee: ₩600,000 / Month
Classes last for approx. 1 ~ 2 month
– Call 02-501-6064 for Availability!
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[Recruiting] IoT with Arduino: Make my own IoT!

In the IoT with Arduino class, you will have a chance to make, break, and re-create your own gadgets. Using an Arduino board, Raspberry Pie and some wires, you can make your own Robot, Facial Recognition Sensor, or Ramen Making Machine! Topics of the project will also be discussed between the students, so the ‘Sky is our only limit’! No… The sky can also be challenged!

2 Class per Week: Tue/Thur 7.30~9.30pm

₩ 400,000  ₩ 300,000 / month
Classes last for 1 month
Call 02) 501-6064 for Availability!
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[Congrats] Fullstack Intensive Class Graduates!
[WE’RE IN!] ‘Reservy’ – Project from our 3rd batch ‘Fullstack Intensive Class’ Students
[wework x wcoding] “What is Python!?” Relay Seminar Pics!
[wcoding x wework] What is PYTHON? – code you own ‘CHAT BOT’ in 3 days!
[Startup Festival 2017] wcoding represents as a ‘Startup Bootcamp’!
[11/30~12/2] wcoding @ STARTUP FESTIVAL 2017
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Nights & Weekends

Perfect for those who are looking to change careers. Maybe you already have a job or other obligations that make it difficult for you to find time to learn? With Nights & Weekends courses, you now have no excuse for delaying any longer your future in software!
  • 6pm - 10pm
  • 3 days per week
  • Free Technical English lessons
  • Instructors with professional experience
  • On-site instructors


You want a job in software and you don't want to waste time! Or you have a great startup idea and need software to make it a reality! While others are standing still at their day jobs, get ahead! Our intensive courses will make sure you get the skills and experience you need!
  • 10am - 6pm
  • 5 days per week
  • Free Technical English lessons
  • Instructors with professional experience
  • On-site instructors