[Dec 4~11th] Game Development Beginner Workshop (6 Intensive Sessions)

* Unity game development: how to use Unity to make a 2D or 3D game, and related media tools (Audacity, Blender), and how to make those projects into mobile-accessible web pages. Throughout the course of this 6 session Intensive Workshop, we will build a 2D game, such as ‘Tetris’ or ‘2048 Game’ as a tutorial, and add some 3D graphics to spice it up.

Starts Dec 4th | 6 Session Course
– 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, 12/9, 12/10, 12/11 | 7:30pm ~ 10:00pm (total 6 classes)

Tuition Fee: 200k KRW (15 hours)

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{w}coding curriculum

Game Development Beginner Workshop

Course Outline

This workshop is going to get straight to the business of learning Unity as quickly as possible. Each day’s session will be have a demo and tutorial guiding students through content. Everyone should have their own implementation of the demo tutorials, with their own unique 3D world that they’ve developed, and art they’ve applied themselves. We’ll have some time to share our work with each other on the last day. At the end of the 6 day workshop, we’re going to combine everyone’s content into a single project, and publish that on the web, so we can have a software-artifact of what we did during the workshop!

Starts Dec 4th | 7:30pm~10:00pm
– 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, 12/9, 12/10, 12/11 | 7:30pm ~ 10:00pm (total 6 classes)
 Tuition Fee: 200k KRW (15 hours – 6 Sessions)

Online Course Registration

{w}coding curriculum

Course Curriculum

  1. 12/4 (Wed)
    Introduction to Unity, including UI, game objects, prefab basics, particles, assets, and asset store
  2. 12/5 (Thu)
    Create custom character controls, item collection, and shooting projectiles gameplay
  3. 12/6 (Fri)
    Create web-accessible game, implement touch controls
  4. 12/9 (Mon)
    Changing levels, dynamic UI with lists
  5. 12/10 (Tue)
    Basic 3D modelling with blender, using 3D models in Unity
  6. 12/11 (Wed)
    Combine scenes into single app

Instructor Bio

Michael Vaganov

  • Director of Engineering at Lightside Games
  • Faculty at Gamebridge Unityversity (Silicon Valley, CA)
  • Computer Science Teach at Sacred Heart Schools (Atherton, CA)


  • Michael – “Professor Vaganov is the #1 reason among many that the very rigorous Game Programming degree is successful at Devry Fremont. There is nothing this man cannot accomplish, an absolute dynamo of programming energy that every programming student in that school uses to recharge their passion for coding. When not volunteering his time to teach sustainable job skills in Africa, he is lighting the fire of young programmers here at home by using fun and practical methods of instruction.”
  • Travis – “Over the last two years at DeVry University Michael has been a huge help with learning C/C++. I have learned a lot from him and have enjoyed all of his classes even when I’m left picking my brains off the ground after a fast paste hard hitting lecture.”
  • Tyler – “I remember meeting Michael Vaganov on our first day at DeVry University, at which point I had no knowledge of code at all. I remember the scares he drew from me as he showed me a glimpse of the wealth of knowledge that he had packed in his brain.”
  • More References: https://linkedin.com/in/mvaganov/
  • GitHub Resume: https://github.com/mvaganov/self/blob/master/RESUME.md

School Location


  • Add :  5F, 563-21, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Won building)
  • Tel : 02-501-6064
  • E-mail : [email protected]

Class Materials

  • – Laptop (iOS or Windows)
  • – Pen & Paper

Promotional Discount

  • –  200k KRW (15 hours – Total of 6 Sessions)
  • – For English Inquiries: 02-501-6064
  • – Account Info: 2016-10-15-001 IBK (주)더블유코딩


  • Q – How do I register?
  • 1. You can transfer the tuition to the account above, and confirm with us at 02-501-6064.
    2. You can also pay on-site with any credit card before class starts.
  • Q – What are the regulations for a refund?
  • A – W Coding Inc. is an officially enlisted education center recognized by the Korean Department of Education. Refund regulations are as follows: 100% refund before course starts. 75% of tuition refund before the end of the first week of class, and tuition is non-refundable once the second week of the course has commenced.

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